The Courtyard

 O U R   B E A U T I F U L   O U T S I D E   S P A C E   H A S   P R I V A T E   B O O T H S

F U L L Y   C O V E R E D   W I T H   H E A T E R S  A N D  TVs

Standard Garden

Private Booth

G1 / G2 / G4 / G5

We have four standard private booths in the garden, fully covered with heaters & TVs.

Perfect for 6 people, sometimes possible to extend to 8 people on special request.

Premium Garden Booth

G3 / G6

We have two premium booths in the garden - one can seat upto 12 people and the other can seat 10 people

Standard Garden Seating

Tall Tables / Barrel Tables

We have a mix of casual seating on Tall Poser tables, and lower barrel tables, all with great panoramic views of all the TVs